• Axl Rosenberg

Are you sick of hearing about the new Alice in Chains album, Black Gives Way to Blue, yet? I know we – and pretty much every other metal and heavy rock media outlet – have been talking about it non-stop, but that’s because it’s a great record, and very likely marks the comeback of the decade. (Although Christian Hoard at Rolling Stone only gave it 2 1/2 stars out of a possible five. Three cheers for Rolling Stone once again going out of its way to prove its irrelevance to anyone other than yuppies, old men who are nostalgic for a heyday that never really existed the way they say it did, and bored people in waiting rooms.)

Here’s the band performing the new track “Your Decision” on Jimmy Kimmel last night. It’s a beautiful performance of one my favorite songs on the album. It’s hard not to interpet the lyrics – to this or most of the other songs on Blue – as being about Layne Staley, but regardless of whatever Jerry Cantrell and the rest of the band intended, it’s an excellent tune.

Black Gives Way to Blue is out now, and is apparently selling very well, at least by current standards. That makes me very, very happy.


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