I suppose you’d call Canadian metal act Starring Janet Leigh “math metal” or “tech metal” or something of the like; I prefer to call them “this stuff makes my fucking head spin” metal because that’s what it does… shit’s insane, like that time I walked in on Kip W. fellating one of the MS Mansion Monkeys in the downstairs bathroom. But insane good, not insane bad like in the aforementioned awkward encounter.

So Starring Janet Leigh have a new video for their song “Ex You.” I really like the visual for its stark simplicity; it’s super clear, crisp, and I really like the colors. Perhaps one of you film geeks out there will be able to tell me that it was shot with such-and-such film or treated in such-and-such way, and that’s fine and dandy whatever it may be… I just like it, and the aesthetic fits the band perfectly. Here it go:


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