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  • Axl Rosenberg

courtney&francesI imagine that being the child of a celebrity is difficult under any circumstances, and I’m not sure that, had he lived, there’s much Kurt Cobain would have been able to do for Frances Bean, his poorly-named daughter with Courtney Love. The guy was obviously pretty nutty himself so it’s not like we can sit here and say “Well, everything would have been fine if Kurt had lived.”

That being said, leaving poor Frances Bean alone in the sole custody of Courtney has to be tantamount to child neglect.

So. Both Courtney and Frances have left Twitter. That’s sad only because Courtney’s tweets are so consistently fucknuts that the world is now deprived of one of the 21st century’s great free entertainments. (I didn’t even know that Frances was on Twitter.) But then again, the reason for their decision to halt all tweeting is pretty hilarious.

Apparently it all started when Frances – who is all of sixteen years old – decided to bitch over Twitter over the VIP treatment she saw Lindsay Lohan’s sister, Ali, get at Fashion Week in Paris. Here’s what she tweeted (I’m assuming this has all been combined into one semi-coherent statement):

“(You’re) not entitled to anything simply because your sister has a recognizable name. Your idea of fame isn’t fame. It’s infamy. You want to be famous? Work your ass off and make decisions that could potentially catapult your career into a lasting one. You lack the talent, social understanding and credibility to be anything other than infamous. It will be the formality of fame that puts you on the covers of tabloids, while the public idly watches you (plummet) into the murky abyss shared with the likes of Spencer Pratt and Jon Gosselin who, I’m sure, will steal your money whilst there.”

Okay, a few things:

  • Frances Bean Cobain bitching that Ali Lohan only got special treatment because of her name is like Courtney Love talking shit about Layne Staley for being a dope fiend. It is the very definition of the pot calling the kettle black.
  • You know a sixteen year old girl is really a spoiled bitch when she’s tweeting complaints over someone being more famous than she is.
  • What is Frances Bean’s talent? From where does her credibility come? Do we have any evidence of her having a deep social understanding?
  • What hard work and career decisions has Frances Bean ever made?

I don’t know if Ali Lohan has any kind of career outside of being her sister’s, uh, sister, and I’m too lazy to look it up (maybe the children’s entertainment experts at Reign in Blonde can help fill in the gaps in my knowledge). but I know that Frances Bean ain’t done jack shit besides looking eerily like her dead father. And that rant sounds so much like her mom it’s frightening. Everyone keep on an eye on ol’ FB: she’s only gonna get worse as she gets older.


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