MetalSucks is incredibly proud to present the debut of “Universe in a Ball,” a new track from The Devin Townsend Project’s forthcoming album, Addicted. There’s nothing we can really tell you about the song that would be more eloquent or insightful than an explanation from the man himself, so here’s Devin’s thoughts on the track:

“Hey, so what does ‘Universe In A Ball’ mean? Short answer… I have no idea, it’s phonetics that just kept appearing so I went with it.

Long answer: okay, lets choose from a number of things. 1) The end of Men In Black where the alien picks up a marble that contains all our known reality HOTCHA! 2) The reproductive qualities in a testicle, a whole Universe is in your balls… BAM! 3) The nature of infinity is like the surface of an expanding balloon, where the surface is a circular dimensional reality that expands infinitely. ZAP 4) The hierarchy of man vs. nature from a more ‘native’ perspective, which essentially means everything is equal, not a pyramid, as is the classic ‘religious’ view with man on top, and the environment below. Everything is just what it is, right now. Eternally. Any questions are moot, women are beautiful, and I want a donut. BLAZANG!”

Devin and CM Distro are also offering some pretty incredible pre-order packages: one comes with an autographed CD, a poster, and a shirt, and one comes with an autographed CD, a poster, a zip-up hoodie, and – get this – a one of a kind O card HAND-DRAWN BY DEVIN HIMSELF. How incredible is that? You can, and should, order those here.

And now, without further adieu, we present “Universe in a Ball”… we hope you love it as much as we do!

Addicted comes out November 17 on InsideOut Music.

[this promotion has ended]

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