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Even metal heads need dating advice. That’s what Rich Hallford is here for! Read on to have all your love life dilemmas solved by the great master…


Dear Rich Hallford,

1. Excellent article title.

2. There’s this girl I really like. Well, two girls. One of them I’ve been working on for about a year and a half now, and I know she likes me too, but her parents won’t let her date. The other girl is a friend of my sister’s – my sister has 3 years on me, the friend is my age but a grade above – and I’d date her, but I’m so socially awkward and I’ve been rejected by every girl I’ve asked out and have never had a girlfriend. I don’t know if it’s what I say, I don’t know if it’s just me, I just don’t know. So, here’s my questions:

1. Which girl should I go for?
2. If I go for the prior, what can I do to get her parents to let off?
3. If I go for the latter, what is the best thing to say? I think she likes me too, and I might be taking her to the Anvil concert with me, which I have passes meet and greet passes for.

Please help me dude,

-6infinite6hatred6, reader

Dear 6infinite6hatred,

It’s always a tough situation to like two girls. You ask which girl to go for let’s break it down to see what’s easiest for you!

For the prior, do you think you can show the parents you’re just a normal dude and can be down to earth and treat their daughter right? Like maybe asking her dad to take her out one night for a burger? (Something simple, it doesn’t have to be a fancy dinner in a suit.) This
way her dad and/or parents you’re just a normal dude and totally not a scumbag. Maybe then she can go out on more dates and hangouts! Then you have this cool chick that you like and she’ll like you back from winning her overbearing parents with just being yourself.

Now for the latter… This may be a tough one. How is your relationship with your sis? Can you ask her the deal about this girl? if not, this
can blow up in your face and your sister would be all “Oh hell no you’re not going out with her!”. If you have a good relationship with her, just ask your sister “Ddo think this is a good idea?” But if you don’t want to go through all this trouble, I  say just ask the girl out to this Anvil thing straight up! Don’t call it a thing just say you have these two passes and asks if she would like to go with you. If she accepts then have a great time!!!! Then maybe this will be a great opportunity to go on another date of hang further down the road. But if she doesn’t accept and gives you the “Yeah 6infinite6hatred6 you’re a cool dude and you’re a good friend… BUT…” don’t get bummed! That shit happens!! HER LOSS! Then, in a few years when you’re this sick metal dude around town she’ll be like, “Man, I should’ve gone out with that dude!”

Let me know what happens! And have total confidence in yourself doing it. You’ll get one of these girls!


I was out of town for about a week, and my fiancé, who I live with, was out and about doing her thing without me. Well, I get back into town and she tells me that she felt “liberated” and thought it’d be good for her to move out and do her own thing while she “figures herself out.” She mentioned we wouldn’t be taking any time off, or breaking up. I took that with a grain of salt. That night, when I got back I read her phone and she was texting with one of her friends about how she wishes she met me 5 years from now, because she feels like she should be “sleeping around for the next 5 years” and how she felt she was too young to get married and be settled down and shit. Mind you, this is the same person who thought it’d be great to get married, and have babies like RIGHT NOW. I confronted her, told her I lurked her shit and that if she wants to be a ho, then she needs to get the fuck out of my apartment. She said the sleeping around thing was all figurative and shit, then we had angry sex. I let her know the trust wasn’t all there, and it was going to be hard to trust her 100% from now on. So she tells me that if I don’t trust her 100% that she’ll be willing to live with me still.

Now, Mr. Hallford. What should I do? Do I call it quits? Do i stay with the bitch in hopes of working it all out? I love her dearly, but I really don’t want to get hurt and all that shit. I can only listen Pantera’s “This Love” for so much before I get sick of it.




What a situation you’re in! But here’s the thing. When two people are really into each other they tend to rush into situations where they don’t really think about getting into. Not saying that yours is (you failed to mentioned how long your relationship has been going on). But
moving in together and getting engaged is real deal. It’s a huge step for anyone. She may be feeling the pressure of all of this and trying to
find a way out, even though she wanted this in the first place. She’s talking to her friend because she didn’t know how to tell you or how to confront you about it, that’s all. The not trusting thing would be anyone’s first reaction because this is a hard decision to make and to tell their significant other. She may have said some things to her friend, but if you guys really love each other, she wouldn’t have done anything to hurt you – she would’ve came clean right there and there. This isn’t a case of letting her go/keeping her around. I think you guys need to have another talk on what you both really, really want in life, whether that’s you guys being together or you guys being separated.

If that doesn’t work in your favor, you have to set her free and if she is still truly the love of your life, then you’re going to be happily married and have a great relationship in the years to come. But if the talk goes sour, then be prepared for the hurt and then there’ll be NO MORE HEAD TRIPS!!!


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