• Axl Rosenberg

Even though we all own calendars and are perfectly capable of keeping track of the date ourselves, it seems like every metal website in the world has spent the past week (or month, in some cases) reminding its readers that tomorrow, October 31, is Halloween. And I understand this on some level – Halloween is probably the most metal of all holidays.

It probably won’t surprise you to learn that I, however, do not give two shits about Halloween (Vince is a different story). Walking around NYC on Halloween is like drowning in a sea of stupidity. Crossing sixth avenue – which usually takes ten, maybe fifteen seconds tops – will not twenty to thirty minutes, if you’re very lucky. Also, I don’t need an excuse to get dressed up in a silly costume and drink. I’m a metalhead – I do that every Saturday night.

Which is why I’ll spend tomorrow evening locked away in the Rosenberg Wing of the MS Mansion, watching horror movies. One of which will be Hardware, a cult classic from 1990 that features appearances by Iggy Pop and – yep – Lemmy! Check out Lemmy’s scene below. It’s a cool movie, if anyone shares my Halloween misanthropy and needs something to do tomorrow…


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