• Axl Rosenberg

scott-ian-pokerAnthrax are doing a signing of their just re-issued for the umpteenth time Among the Living in New York this Sunday; Gary Suarez suggested one of us hit it up to ask them “What the fuck is up with John Bush?”, but that would mean I’d have to a) buy a copy of an album I already have and b) wait in line with a thousand other morons to ask a question I’ll never get a straight answer for anyway (I’ve tried, believe me).

Here’s a question for which you can get a straight answer, though: “What are Scott Ian’s top 10 thrash albums?” Because Mr. Ian has just posted his list at Noisecreep.

Humbly, he’s left Anthrax off the list; he’s also included a couple of albums I’d argue are not straight-up thrash, but I guess I’m not really in a position to tell Scott Ian what is or is not thrash.

Check out Scott’s list here, then come back and argue about it in our comments section.


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