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Is long hair really cool anymore? Just a question… I mean, I’m not one to judge, because I went bald at 26 and just grew gross hair in protest… but now, if I don’t shave it, I look like fryar Tuck, so me aside…

In METAL, (not GLAM or HAIR metal), but death metal, black metal etc… I understand if a dude has long hair that just hangs, unkempt, like “Fuck you, I ain’t cuttin’ it mom…” but the new bands, you know, the “super extreme, next generation of hyper shredding hate mongering anarchists” that still need a ton of product backstage to keep their manes flowing… I mean, is that cool? All the “hardest” folks I’ve met throughout the years have short hair for the practicality of it, so I’m just wondering your opinions. In 1990, when I was dating, etc., we all used to go to Club Soda in Vancouver with stupid Janes Addiction-type clothing and carefully coifed do’s that we would flick around hither nither whilst chatting up females (usually with the SAME HAIR) while holding our jaws in that particular way that we knew hid our enormous Adam’s apples and whatnot… but twenty years later… um… I don’t know…

Again, I look like a macadamia nut, so I’m not saying one way or another… but what are your thoughts?


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