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I am working on my first, full blown musical… and yes (much to some folks’ chagrin), it’s a new Ziltoid record. It going to be called Z2, and I’m taking it to the moon.

When I quit drugs, I began to experience the diabolical side of myself as a very direct projection of what media, marijuana, and the audience wanted me to be. This kind of “otherworldy crazy freak” – when, in actual fact, my Fridays are populated almost entirely with pizza, movies, and the usually futile quest for sex.

So Ziltoid became the metaphor for the projection. I feel if you allow yourself to be controlled by people’s perceptions of you, you truly become a puppet to the system – so the Ziltoid character is a literal puppet.

However, the first record was a pretty demo-ish affair. Granted, the reason for that was to prove a point (you can do it all yourself for under 5k on your iMac), but now, as I kind of sobered my head up and have pretty much taken control of my life, Z2 is an amzing way for me to reach those diabolical depths through a character and not directly me.

In the new record, it’s real drums, orchestra, choirs etc… a REAL doozy…

And the hair I used to have? The skullet?

It’s in a box and Ziltoid, the next generation puppet, gets it.

Watch him rock folks, there’s nothing he won’t do.

MANY THANKS to Gwar (Dave Brockie, uber genius…) for stirring my mind with possibilities when we hung out together for Beyond Hell, and, of course, DETHKLOK and the frighteningly awesome mind of Brendon Small for being the original creative mastermind to take the concept of objectifying these metal emotions to the stage. He deserves everything he has, and he’s a SMOKIN’ guitar player. Have you heard the first track on the new Dethklok? Jeeezus.


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