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wrought of obsidian[A series of absolutely dreadful demos to grace the doorstep of the MS Mansion of late has inspired me to resurrect The Dreadful Demo Files, in which we take a look at some of the face-palm-inducingly bad packages we receive. For the sake of these poor bands’ egos we’ve disguised their identities. I’ll be highlighting 3 bands this week (view Part I here and Part II here)… the last of which is so absolutely righteous I’m not sure it can ever possibly be topped. -.Ed.]

“Dreadful” would be something of a misnomer for today’s entry, because this is without a doubt the most impressive demo package I’ve ever received. There’s no need to disguise Wrought of Obsidian‘s identity because I’d like them to get all the credit for the incredible package they put together! The above image is the outside front of the package; note the full-color vinyl print that’s hand-sewn (!) onto a sizable piece of velvety smooth tan suede. Either the gentlemen of Wrought of Obsidian are well-trained in the art of seaming or they’ve got some very loving girlfriends (or moms).

After the jump, let’s take a look at what’s inside this beast!

wrought of obsidianFlipping the package over and exposing its under-belly, we see how this package will be opened. Note the fine attention to detail in the burnt edges… someone actually took the time to singe the edges of this entire thing. Let’s open this baby up…

wrought of obsidianNot so fast! Appears we’ll have to get through one more layer to get to the package’s juicy insides, but in the meantime we’re greeted with color vinyl prints (sepia toned) of two of the band’s sexy members, all dressed up in warrior costumes.

wrought of obsidianA close-up of one of the side panels. Sexy ‘stache! Again, note that this picture has been hand-stitched onto the leather backing.

wrought of obsidianClose-up of the rivets holding together the rest of the package. Note the twine woven through them to hold it together. Now let’s unwrap the twine and finally get to the meat of this baby.

wrought of obsidianAt last! All four studs are visible in all of their warrior glory. Like a pearl in an oyster, a CD sits in the middle waiting to be discovered.

wrought of obsidianLift up the CD case and you get a full band shot (full-color vinyl hand-stitched to the suede, naturally).

wrought of obsidianMore detail.

wrought of obsidianClose up of the CD, which on closer inspection is not a regular CD but a DVD! How about that? I popped the DVD into my computer; it includes a 3-minute short film of the band on the road, some studio footage, and two full albums of audio.

I don’t think it’s possible for this promo package to ever be topped. Bands may try, but they will never succeed. A true work of art. Well done, boys!


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(six out of five horns)

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