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I knew that Shane Mehling was a great writer (he routinely contributes to Decibel, but I think that this is pretty fuckin’ hilarious – not to mention intelligent), but because I’m a stoned nimrod, I had no idea that he was also a musician.

But a musician Shane is – specifically, he’s currently the bassist and co-vocalist for the band Great Falls.

Great Falls make hideously ugly music. Gloriously, beautifully, hideously ugly music.

You know how sometimes bands have to add another word at the end of their MySpace URL for whatever reason – so if the band is called Lake Bukkake their URL will end up saying “lakebukkakerock” or “lakebukkakegrind” or whatever? Well the end of the URL for Great Falls’ MySpace page is “noise.” And that’s truth in advertising.

There is nothing here resembling a melody, or hooks. There is just aural bile. It’s like the band is barfing forth every evil impulse they’ve ever had. You see that fucked up thing on the band’s art up there? If you had played this for me and told me that he was actually the one making all the music, I’d believe you.

And I mean all of this as a compliment. Some bands came to make anthems or breakdowns or whatever and some bands are trying to push the envelope a little further. Clearly, Great Falls fall (rimshot!) into the latter category.

Check out Great Falls here. You can also order their demo cassette – yes, a fucking CASSETTE, how awesome is that? – along with a digital download for $7 plus shipping (it’s slightly more for international buyers). I’ve listened to it three times since yesterday, and while I have almost no idea what the fucking fuck is going on, I’m really, really digging it.


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