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Every now and then, a metalhead’s loyalty is tested. Whether it be a shitty year of music, an inability to purchase new product due to a thinner wallet, or simply too many real-world responsibilities that beckon for attention. Rarely, do all of these factors come into play simultaneously, but that is exactly what happened to the Old Fart in 2009.

Major commitments this year such as finishing up a new book (SAVAGE SON, out June 2010), house renovations, and, oh yeah, a new baby, lessened my time listening to my favorite genre of music. And what I did hear, I was not too impressed with. Of course, some of that has to do with the fact that I had to let my subscriptions to Decibel and Terrorizer magazines lapse for budgetary reasons.

Ahh, the joys of a dismal economy…

But enough of my panty-ass whinery. I’m sure all you care about is what bands tickled my privates.

As a result of the previous excuses listed above, my list is very short. Plus, in a year where the heaviest moment on disc came from The Beatles [listen to the re-mastered outro of “I Want You (She’s So Heavy)”], 2009 found me ready to write this year off.

Thankfully, there were two standouts – one which many of you will agree with; another which probably only 5% of you will even bother to investigate. Oh well, you other 95%, it’s your loss.

Albums that I dug this past year:

Lazarus A.D.’s The Onslaught;

Slayer’s World Painted Blood;

Absu’s Absu;

Baroness’s Blue Record;

Bergraven’s Till makabert vasen;

Agoraphobic Nosebleed’s Agorapocalypse;

Kylesa’s Static Tensions;

Cobalt’s Gin.

The two records that found the overwhelming majority of playing time in my various stereo systems were Angelspit’s Hideous and Perfect and Mantic Ritual’s Executioner.

Angelspit’s release is the perfect meld of Sonic Youth, Skinny Puppy, Lydia Lunch, and KMFDM. Something I’m sure many tr00 metalheads will hold with disdain. Ignore at your own peril, however, as there are slogans and sounds on display here that many of the current crop of metal bands could only wish to create. Start with “Fuck the Revolution” and work your way backwards.

My favorite record of the year was my favorite record way back in May when I first reviewed it for MetalSucks. Mantic Ritual’s Executioner is everything I said it was seven months ago and more. It still holds strong all this time later and, more importantly, made me not care if I heard any other music all year. Of course, the band lost their lead singer and co-lead guitarist in Dan Wetmore. Hopefully, the rest of the band will keep it going and continue to release superb material in the future. Otherwise, we’re all doomed.


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