In no particular order…

Mastodon, “Oblivion” and “Divinations” – directed by Roboshobo

This is why music videos exist, kids.

Suicide Silence, “Wake Up” – directed by David Brodsky

Yes, we’re huge Brodsky fans. This might be his trippiest video yet.

Chickenhawk, “I Hate This, Do You Like It?” – directed by Danny North

Satan Rosenbloom doesn’t watch many music videos, but he did enjoy this one greatly.

Alice in Chains, “A Looking in View” – directed by Stephen Schuster

Alice in Chains made three videos this year. One of them was good.

Baroness, “A Horse Called Golgotha” – directed by Joshua Green

“Have you ever seen the video for Baroness’ ‘A Horse Called Golgotha?’ Have you ever seen the video for Baroness’ ‘A Horse Called Golgotha’…  on weed?”

Behemoth, “At The Left Hand Ov God” – directed by D.Szermanowicz & M.Dutkiewicz

If you don’t like this video, you might get Bob Cock-slapped.

Gwar, “Let Us Slay” – directed by David Brodsky

Tommy Wee told us that he sincerely did not get the appeal of Gwar until he saw this video.

Chimaira, “Destroy and Dominate” – directed by Todd Bell

Bell channels his inner Danny Boyle. Awesomeness ensues.

Job for a Cowboy, “Unfurling A Darkened Gospel” – directed by Doug Spangenberg

Unfurling some great fuckin’ performance footage is what yer unfurling.

Ex Deo, “Romulus” – directed by Stanimir “Staca” Lukic

Maurizio Iocono is gonna get all ancient Roman on your ass.

Municipal Waste, “Wrong Answer” – Directed by David Brodsky

If you don’t agree with us that this video rules, you might suffer the same fate as the contestants therein.

Between the Buried and Me, “Obfuscation” – directed by Kevin McVey

“OK, in 9:15 or less tell a story about a kid’s experience at a magic show gone horribly wrong… go!”

Steel Panther, “Death to All But Metal” – directed by Brian Posehn (!)

“I brought my pencil… now give me somethin’ to write on!”

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