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Nevermore’s last record came out in 2005, but since then singer Warrel Dane has been privy to some fantastical pairings: On a guest turn late in Behemoth’s The Apostasy, Dane’s anguished wail was like pineapple slices added to Nergal & crew’s deep-dish pizza. Then, for production duties on his solo outing, Dane drafted Soilwork guitarist Peter Wichers. And while solo albums are usually met with apprehension or outright denial — is anyone onboard to buy the mythical Steven Tyler record? — Praises To The War Machine was somewhat of an unheralded gem. At very least, it gave us a glimpse of the parallel dimension where Dane fronts a brooding, pessimistic Soilwork. Next up, Dane and Nevermore are set to release The Obsidian Conspiracy, which teams Wichers (producing) with one of the architects of the modern metal sound, Andy Sneap (mixing). If that doesn’t set your bottom all a-tingle, let me know and I’ll come jolt you with the Metal Sucks staff taser. Obviously, you need it.

But anyway, on the approach of The Obsidian Conspiracy‘s release and undoubtedly a long round of touring, Dane has announced his first-ever solo show. It appears to be a one-off thing and since Dane promises a set comprised of songs from his entire canon, this show will match him with his most formidable foil yet: songs by his former band, Sanctuary! Sure, Sanctuary is basically proto-Nevermore, but oddly no Nevermore record resonates as deeply as the pure thrash of the Dave Mustaine-produced Refuge Denied.


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