After Continental Airlines threatened to ruin my peaceful week in Costa Rica by delaying my first flight 4 hours then stranding me in Houston, I’ve again set foot within the hallowed gates of the MS Mansion. It’s good to be home!

You should’ve seen the looks on the mugs of the White-Face Capuchin monkeys in Manuel Antonio National Park when they saw MetalGF’s METAL SUCKS t-shirt. They nearly flipped! Upon seeing the same, a band of howler monkeys howled up a storm and totally lost their shit, quite literally, as they flung poo directly at us (I’ll be giving MS Mansion Monkey Higgins a stern talking to about keeping his cousins in check next time). We zip-lined across the canyons of the Monteverde “Cloud Forest”, kayaked through the Mangroves outside of Quepos and ate lots and lots and lots of delicious food. It was quite an adventure in an absolutely beautiful country, though our only metal experiences consisted of seeing dudes in Metallica and Iron Maiden t-shirts.

I’ll be posting a photo recap in due time. Until then, here’s Iron Maiden performing “Powerslave” live in San Jose, Costa Rica, taken from the Flight 666 DVD.


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