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  • Axl Rosenberg

It’s been great getting to meet some of our readers over these past few years. There are few things more gratifying than putting a face with a name and seeing that someone really actually does a give a shit about what we’re doing here at MetalSucks. I mean, I know we’re not curing cancer, but finding new and inventive ways to insult people is challenging, y’know?

And while Parker Werley is one reader I’ve never met, if I ever do, I am going to buy the dude a beer or ten, or get him really high, or both. Because he introduced me to Son of Aurelius. And Son of Aurelius are AWESOME.

Based on photos of this Santa Cruz band, I’d question whether or not any of them were of legal drinking age. Whatever. The dudes in The Faceless all look like babies, too, and The Faceless are fucking amazing.

And if you like The Faceless, I’d wager you wil like Son of Aurelius.

This is progressive tech-death of the highest order. I’m already drooling over thoughts of a utopian future in which The Faceless, The Binary Code, and these dudes all tour together.

Bassist Max Zigman apparently went to Berklee, which doesn’t surprise me. All of these dudes can play the shit out of their respective instruments. But like the aforementioned bands, Gorod, or Origin, this band hasn’t substituted deedily-doo for actual songwriting. These are songs you’ll remember long after they’ve stopped playing. Not that you’ll want them to stop playing.


  1. The guitarists are named Chase Fraser and Cary Geare.
  2. Both of those names start with a verb and end with a noun.
  3. If SOA falls apart they can start an easy-listening acoustic band called “Chase N’ Cary.”
  4. “Cary Geare” must be a terrible name to have at load-in and load-out.

This band is unsigned, which is ludicrous. When I think of some of the young, newly signed bands I’ve heard as of late… it really just bonkers. Giant piece of fruit falling from the sky and landing on an old lady BONKERS.

Please check out this band. They apparently have an album called Myocardial Infraction, which is kind of a hilarious name for a metal record. I’m gonna go give it a whirl.


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