Hipsters Out Of Metal!



When you’re a fickle, pouting drama queen, you’re going to leave a long list of ex-associates over a nearly 30-year career in metal. So it’s not numerically unlikely that lord of all paranoiacs Dave Mustaine would end up on tour with one of his many former-“best guitarist I’ve hired yet”s. In this case, it’s his most recent ex-not Marty Friedman, Glen Drover, whom Testament is enlisting for the just-announced Megatestodus tour. From Blabbermouth:

Canadian guitarist Glen Drover (ex-Megadeth, King Diamond, Eidolon) will fill in for Alex Skolnick on Testament’s upcoming North American tour with Megadeth and Exodus. “My buddies in Testament called me up to see if I could help for the tour, as Alex will be away during this time,” Glen writes on his MySpace page. “It will be great to get back out for a little bit and see all my friends in those bands, as well as the fans, and of course being a part of playing The Legacy album, which has always been one of my faves!”

It’s a shame that Drover’s presence is going to encroach on the fantasy world that Mustaine inhabits where he’s the best and nobody dislikes him. (Or on some days, everybody dislikes him because he’s the best.) But the real tragedy is saved for Testament fans, who are robbed of pure Testament just so Skolnick can play jazz to guys who actually paid to get into to NAMM. As revenge, maybe I’ll hire a non-union Canadian equivalent to buy my ticket.


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