Everyone's Replaceable


  • Axl Rosenberg


Well here’s a nice juicy rumor to end the week. From Blabbermouth:

“According to The Pulse of Radio, the JANE’S ADDICTION fan web site Xiola.org has reported that VELVET REVOLVER and ex-GUNS N’ ROSES bass player Duff McKagan is writing and recording with the band, following the departure of original member Eric Avery for the second time in the group’s troubled history. After JANE’S reunited for a third time in late 2008 — with Avery on board for the first time since the band originally broke up in 1991 — and toured last spring with NINE INCH NAILS, the band began feuding once again as it tried to record new music, with recent rumors suggesting that Avery was headed out the door…

“…There has been no official announcement about McKagan from JANE’S ADDICTION themselves, except a brief post by frontman Perry Farrell saying that the band was working with a new ‘writing partner.’”

Well… sure, why the hell not? Velvet Revolver seem to be doing a whole lotta nuthin’, and while it’s pretty clear that Duff isn’t doing Loaded at all for the money (’cause what money?), I really think that celebrities get addicted to the spotlight, and it’s hard for guys like Duff to be in the biggest band in the world one day and a niche band the next. And hey, we’ve already recklessly speculated that Perry Farrell might be the new singer for Velvet Revolver – so now we can say we were half right!

(Dorky side note: Jane’s guitarist/professional disgrace Dave Navarro has actually recorded with Axl Rose more recently than McKagan has – he plays the guitar solo on the totally bizarre GN’R track “Oh My God” from the End of Days soundtrack in 1999.)

(Second dorky side note: anyone remember after Jason Newsted quit Metallica, there was that rumor for like ten seconds that Duff was gonna be his replacement? Allegedly Lars Ulrich was on the radio talking about what a fan he was of Duff’s, and everyone decided Duff must have the job. Did anyone ever actually hear that interview? And even if it happened, why would you think anything other than “Lars floated the idea of Duff and Hetfield refused to play with anyone associated with Guns N’ Roses?”)

Meanwhile, reader Hetal Bhatt has brought it to our attention that $lash will be performing with Jamie Foxx, T-Pain, and Doug E. Fresh at this Sunday’s Grammys. So… final score is: Slash, eight billion, Dignity, zero.


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