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in mourning - monolithSuckalo Zoker emailed us yesterday to plead with us “Forget Opeth… In Mourning is the real deal…” and Suckalo Viking_xxx did the very same today, demanding “Don’t be gay, you know you like them!” While I find both claims to be overly exaggerated, it’s the thought that counts; In Mourning ARE the shit!

The Falun, Sweden outfit just released their new album Monolith in Europe this week; Americans will have to wait until February 16th to get a physical copy, but hey, newsbreak, The Internet exists and international release dates don’t matter! iTunes Sweden has the album available right now*, and you can also stream all 8 tracks on In Mourning’s MySpace page for the time being.

While Opeth are certainly an apt comparison, In Mourning are definitely not mindless imitators. But don’t take our word for it… go listen to Monolith now. This is some seriously good shit.


*You can access international iTunes stores by clicking the US flag (or UK, or wherever you are) in the bottom right-hand corner of your iTunes Store homepage.

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