• Axl Rosenberg

One of New Year’s resolutions, next to start exercising (actually doing that one) and get Sacha the Death Metal Puppy a trainer so he stops terrorizing the Mansion (don’t seem to be actually doing that one), was not to write about the new Godsuck album. For all of you who seem to enjoy making fun of Limp Bizkit and Korn as much as we do, there’s all a contingent of you who want us to spend more time writing about good bands and less time smack talkin’ the bad, so I thought I’d give that a shot; also, I don’t mind making sacrifices for you, our loyal readers, but I really can’t see myself laying on my death bed thinking “Man, I wish I’d heard the new Godsuck song in 2010 at least once.”

But now there’s this rumor that Godsuck’s new single, “Cryin’ Like a Bitch,” is actually about Nikki Sixx. So of course, I had to investigate.

First of all, this song is terrible. That should go without saying. It sounds like Sully Erna has stopped aping Layne Staley and started aping Load-era Hetfield, and the only reason why that could be considered a good move is ’cause Staley’s vocals are sacred and “Wom-ahn!“-style Hetfield is, y’know, not.

But beyond that, I have no idea why anyone would think this song is about Sixx, beyond that fact that Godsuck toured with Motley Crue a year or two ago, and apparently Godsuck thought the Motley Crue guys were assholes. It’s not like, say, when Sevendust wrote “Enemy” and openly admitted that it was about Dez Fafara (and I think even scream “DEZ!” during the course of the song).

Still, if Erna is smart he’ll come out and say the song is about Sixx or at least play coy. There’s publicity to be milked here – like I said, I had no intention of writing about this crappy band until this happened.

I also really, really hope that Sixx responds, ’cause that guy says some funny shit when he’s angry. And I mean funny in a “What a dope!” kinda way, not funny in a “What a wit!” kinda way.

This is the place where I would normally write the title and release date of Godsuck’s new album, but fuck you if you care.


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