Songs from the Big Chair is fucking awesome, and go blow your grandmother if you disagree with me. This isn’t open to debate; either you agree with me, or you’re a sperm fondler.

The dudes in The Dillinger Escape Plan don’t fondle sperm; they fucking agree with me, because they’re awesome and I love them. (Okay, so that may not be why they agree with me, but you get my point.) They apparently covered “Head Over Heels” at a recent show, and Noisecweep (the favored metal site of people with lisps) posted it (although I somehow missed that and actually saw it at Raging Bombs this afternoon). And it’s just so fucking awesome. I really wish the band would record this a b-side. I’m not being ironic at all; I love this. It is the antithesis of this fucking bullshit, which is made by simple minded children for simple minded children.

If any of the dudes from Dillinger happen to be reading this, please, please, please make it a regular part of your set list.

Oh, and by the way, has anyone heard that DEP have a new album coming out on March 23? Just thought I’d mention it.


P.S. If anybody younger and more tech-savvy than I takes the above audio and lays it over the scene where the original plays in Donnie Darko for me, I’ll send that person a free MetalSucks t-shirt. I’m not kidding.

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