Everyone's Replaceable



At what point do we get tired of “math-y, downtuned, Meshuggah-worshipping tech metal that gives boners to dudes like this“? Soon. Very soon. But at least for the time being it seems like the saturation point for said bands hasn’t quite been reached and there’s a remarkable amount of variation between these bands that sets (most of) them apart from one another. RXYZYXR aren’t the most original band on the planet but there’s just enough uniqueness to keep their music interesting. In a micro-genre where “bass” is a four letter word, I really dig some of the stuff their bass player is doing here.

Shelby Cobras of Illogical Contraption tells us that RXYZYXR are looking for a vocalist and they’re giving away their entire demo for free to help the process. Smart! Though the band resides in Sweden they promise via a message on their MySpace page that “The most part of work is remote,” which would seem to indicate that any potential vocalist could live anywhere. A band giving away their music for free in search of a remote vocalist… this is the future, my friends.


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