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I’ve been looking for some reason – any reason – to write about Eparistera Daimones, the debut album from Tom G. Warrior’s new project, Triptykon. It’s been in constant rotation here at the Axl Annex ever since we received it a couple of weeks ago. This album RULES. Yesterday Cosmo Lee praised it for sounding “MASSIVE” and being a logical continuation of Celtic Frost’s Monotheist,” but I actually think it’s superior to Monotheist – it’s that fucking good.

The band has steadily been releasing some teaser videos, which are pretty lame and, unfortunately, don’t even hint at what a great record they’ve made. But the album’s March 23 release date (via Century Media) is closer than you think (it’s almost March already!!!), and I fear if I don’t post this, I’ll never have an excuse to tell you all to seek this bad boy out.

So don’t judge Eparistera Daimones by this video. Just trust me and get it when it comes out in a few weeks.


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