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On Wednesday we got a thirty-second cock tease of the new Opeth song that will be on the God of War: Blood & Metal EP compilation; we’ve already heard Trivium’s contribution to that collection; and now Noisecreep has debuted “My Obsession,” the Killswitch Engage song which will be on the album.

I’m really running out of things to say about Killswitch Engage. I mean, I don’t know how I’d describe this song as anything other than “a Killswitch Engage song.” They made two brilliant records that I love to death with every ounce of myself, and then two records that I thought were fine but I don’t really listen to. I really think that they need to figure out some way to mix it up a little bit in the near future.

Then again, Slayer has made a career out of just repeating themselves and I love Slayer more than I love some members of my family, so what do I know?

Listen to “My Obsession” here. God of War: Blood & Metal will be out on Roadrunner on March 2, but I’ll try to have a review up on March 1.


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