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byzantineWhen Byzantine announced a string of three proper “farewell” shows last year to take place in March of 2010, those dates seemed impossibly far away. Suddenly March 2010 is upon us and those three West Virginia shows are this week; an email from self-professed “loyal Suckalo” Rob McGinnis containing a link to an interview with the band made me that much more bummed I can’t attend, especially given the fact that I own property just across the state line in Carter County, KY. But I’ve yet to build my house there and the current cold weather means camping is not an option. Motherfucker.

I recently went back and listened to Byzantine’s swan song, Oblivion Beckons… and it’s lost absolutely none of its muster. That album is just so fucking good all the way through and I stand by it as my pick as the #3 best metal album of 2008.

The interview, conducted by WVrockscene, is a fascinating look into the inner workings of Byzantine. The band members talk a lot about what tore them apart mere days after Oblivion Beckons‘ release. There’s the usual suspects such as being tired of being sick and tired, wanting to move on in life, band drama, etc… but there’s also a whole lotta indirect smack talk about Prosthetic Records, the band’s label, and the industry in general. It’s a really good interview and finally grants some sort of closure and answers to the questions we’ve all been asking since Byzantine’s abrupt split.

I know what you’re wondering… is there new Byzantine material in the works? Bassist Michael “Skip” Cromer says it’s highly unlikely, but makes sure to include the old adage “never say never.”

If any WV-based Suckalos out there plan on attending one of these shows, kindly hook a brotha up. I’ve never seen Byzantine live and from the looks of it probably never will.


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