• Axl Rosenberg

Treat this as an unverified rumor for now, but… a source who claims to be close to Iwrestledabearonce tells us that Dennis Haskins, who played the role of “Mr. Belding” on Saved by the Bell for far too many years, is going to be a making an appearance in the band’s new video. It’s for the song “See You Shell,” and it shoots this Sunday in North Carolina.

The source also tells us that the band has already filmed some green screen work for the clip, and the video is about… well, that I’m gonna keep that under my hat for now. Might as well leave some surprises for when the video is eventually released.

Anyway, green screens + Mr. Belding = WIN, in my book. Haskins was actually pretty funny on an episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia not too long ago, and besides… he’s metal as fuck, dude!


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