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native - wrestling movesI’m patting myself on the back today. I opened a link from a trusted publicist about a band called Native, and after pressing play the first thing I thought was “Gee, this drummer sounds a lot like These Arms Are Snakes’ Chris Common.” And while Chris Common is unfortunately not the drummer for Native, when I scrolled down I discovered that Chris Common produced the fucking record. Go me! I rule. But Chris Common rules even more than I do… dude’s one of the buttery-est, smoothest finesse drummers on the planet. Watching him play live is like watching two lovers make sweet, sweet romantic love.

I always dig when musicians take on production projects reminiscent of their own bands (or in this case former band). It’s a stamp of approval but it’s also a sign that if you like band X you’re very very likely to enjoy band Y too.

Oh, so, Native. You can stream their entire record Wrestling Moves on their BandCamp page and buy it for only $6.99. The drumming isn’t the only thing that reminds me of These Arms are Snakes; fans of that band will definitely dig Native too.


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