G’day L O S T aficianodos,

It was nice to see the trend of expounding upon our main character’s standout qualities continuing with last week’s “Recon.” We’ve already pointed out how violence was expected and was delivered with Sayid, information was held within and shared through Ben, and now (true to form) we got to see our resident con man Sawyer slaying all sorts of tail. When this show initially aired, Sawyer’s character was vital in that he was on the opposing end of a power struggle with Jack. As the show has progressed, however, the power struggled turned into a love triangle, and lately it seems as if a lot of his role’s relevance has been to keep the love-story aspect of the show going. This isn’t my favorite part of L O S T by any means, so I had my low expectations fulfilled. Apart from the extreme curve ball we were thrown with Sawyer being a cop who had the exact same past in the alternate timeline, I wasn’t too into this one myself. What were your thoughts/reactions on it? There were little nugs of revelation and also a definite “Hey, I’m the Smoke Monster” by Nemesis Dude, but aside from that it seemed the episode was heavier on red herrings (i.e., Charlie’s brother at the police station) than straight up information. We DID learn that Nemesis has a crazy mother, but the details are still hazy so methinks it’d be best to wait for more to begin getting way into it. Another bit of plot unfolding that we were let in on is that Widmore looks to be on Team Jacob… or at least opposed to Nemesis. This would make my most recent speculation completely wrong if absolutely true, but I’m going to be stubborn on this one and wait for it to be for reals confirmed before giving up on it. You never know with this show!

As I was saying about the writer’s giving us what is to be expected with our specific character centric episodes, I’m thinking and hoping all of us are in for thorough enlightenment with “Ab Aeterno” tonight. Richard has been the most mysterious dude on the Island, and I can’t wait to see what his whole deal is!

Sorry I can’t get into stuff too thoroughly today, because amidst my hobby of nerding out on LOST and staying busy with band related activities, I mildly neglected impending travel arrangements to New Zealand and Australia. The result of which is that I’m going to give everyone here a break for a week or two while I go on my own “walk-about” of sorts. The time difference while I’m down under is going to be too whack to try and stay completely up-to-date, so Ima have to put the geekery on hold for a bit.

Be excellent to one another.


Nick will return in two weeks with more thoughts on L O S T! In the meantime, get the band’s upcoming tour dates on AILD’s MySpace page. The Powerless Rise, the group’s new album, will be out May 11 on Metal Blade.

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