• Axl Rosenberg

Judging by all the e-mails we’ve gotten, fans and industry-types alike are all hot n’ bothered for Carnifex’s new release, Hell Choose Me. And, I gotta say, the appeal of this band is way over my head. They sound like a million other death metal bands, with absolutely nothing to distinguish them from the crowd. Granted, they’re not a terrible band like, say, Abacabb, but if this is one of your favorite albums of 2010 so far, I have to imagine it’s because you haven’t heard very many other releases this year. What about Triptykon? Sigh? Dillinger? Ihsahn? Immolation? Arsis? Just wait ’til you hear the new Nachtmystium. Now that’s a fucking record.

Revolver just debuted the video for Hell Choose Me‘s title track today. You can check it out below. And then let me know why you all love this band so much. ‘Cause I just don’t hear it.


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