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kivimetsan druidiSpeaking of judging a book by its cover, check out THEM apples. I mean… wow…. right? Feel free to make any judgments you want about Kivimetsan Druidi; they’re probably all correct.

Still with me?

Ok, then. Our sisters from another mistress over at Reign in Blonde posted the above cover this morning with a one word album review: “SRSLY.” Fair enough… I’m pretty sure Kivimetsan Druidi are dead fucking serious. Swept up by Century Media in The Great Pagan/Folk Metal Signing Fad of 2008 — and subsequently passed over by metal fans in The Great Whoops-This-Trend-Isn’t-As-Popular-As-Labels-Thought purge of 2009 — Kivimetsan’s twist on Pagan/Folk is that they’re a bit thrashier at times than many of their peers and they have a female singer. ‘Cause ya know, every Pagan/Folk outfit’s gotta have some twist. Not that these guys aren’t decent; they’re perfectly aight, but the metal world needs this band about as much as Lacuna Coil needs their male vocalist.

Anyhoo, Kivimetsan Druidi have a new album coming out on April 23rd, the genre-fitting title of which is Betrayal, Justice, Revenge. Check that out if the above cover intrigues you.


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