• Axl Rosenberg

Life is strange. For example, do you think that when I woke up yesterday I thought, “I bet I’ll write two headlines with Lady Gaga in ’em in as many days?” Fuck no! Shit just happens sometimes.

So. This band The Demonstration recently released a video for a cover of Lady Gag’s “Bad Romance.” Here are the reasons I hate it:

  1. I hate ironic metal covers of pop songs. If you’re in a metal band and you choose to do an ironic pop cover, that tells me that a) your sense of humor isn’t very sophisticated, b) you’re severely lacking in original thought since 8,000 other bands have already done this, and c) fuck you.
  2. I hate ironic metal covers of recent pop songs even more. Because now you’re just appealing to teenagers who have no memory of anything older than a week. “See? It’s funny because it’s on the radio all the time RIGHT NOW, but we made it, like, all metal and shit!” Eat me.
  3. Rather than add some personality and find a way to make this song cool, The Demonstration have taken a song I didn’t like in the first place and added the scenester clichés of the day (chugga-chug guitars, vocoder mixed generic death metal vocals, etc); in other words, they took a bad song and made it bad in a different way. It’s like the choice between getting anally raped by a giant dildo or a giant dildo that’s a slightly different shape; either way, it’s gonna hurt, and I’m gonna be bleeding from the ass by the time it’s over.
  4. I appreciate cute, scantily-clad girls as much as the next dude, but I don’t think that anyone who has ever actually seen a naked lady up close will find this scintillating.

Hopefully this is the last time I’ll ever have to write about this band, but given our luck, some A&R dude is reading this right now thinking “I’m gonna sign these guys!”


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