I saw Dirty Little Rabbits live a couple of months ago, before they headed to Europe to open for Lacuna Coil. (And if any of our European readers saw one of these shows, I’d be curious to hear how they went over the crowd – ’cause the only two things these bands is that they both have a female lead singer.) I was actually stoked to check them out, since a) I liked Shawn “Clown” Crahan’s last non-Slipknot project, To My Surprise, and b) I the only Dirty Little Rabbits song I’d heard thus far, “Hello,” was reasonably catchy.

But by the end of the performance, I felt pretty confident that this band is not for me. The band clearly puts a lot of effort into their live performances, but everyone seems kinda ensconed in 90’s alt-rock clichés that I didn’t like much back when they were “fresh.” (To wit: keyboardist Michael Pfaff was wearing a tuxedo with no shirt, dancing in a manner that approximated the expand-and-contract movements of a Slinky, etc.) And the music wasn’t much better. When a fairly brief forty-minute set feels like a lifetime, you know you’re in trouble.

But decide for yourselves how you feel about this band. To me, their new video for “Professional Hit,”  which debuted on Noisecreep, exemplifies everything that’s wrong with the band – the song just sounds so dated, like an umpteenth generation Rage Against the Machine rip-off with no discernible chorus and ridiculous lyrics. But if anyone digs this and thinks I’m being too hard on the band, by all means, speak up.


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