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The Insane Clown Posse Believes in “Miracles”

  • Axl Rosenberg

I’m actually kinda tired of writing about ICP, ’cause at this point it’s not even like shooting fish in a barrel – it’s like reaching into the barrel, taking the fish out, nailing it to the barrel so it doesn’t flop away, and then shooting it point blank. I mean, we’re basically picking on the short bus kids, and although that can be very funny, it’s not exactly a challenge.

But the inimitable Sergeant D. has done a hilarious write-up for the video at Stuff You Will Hate, and it’s just too good not to read. Here’s an excerpt:

The lulz in previous ICP-related memes were essentially based on the obvious: They’re fat, they dress up like evil clowns, and play terrible rap for subhumanly stupid white trash who do little more than eat and reproduce [via cockroaches]. “Miracles,” on the other hand, is lolworthy because there are few things funnier than when trashy people try to be “deep and/or insightful/profound.” As far as I can tell, this video is their hamfisted, Faygo-drenched attempt at articulating the popular notion “God must be real, look at all the beauty and magic around us!”

Here’s the video in question:

You can read the rest of the Sarge’s insightful analysis at Stuff You Will Hate.

And here’s the only song with the word “miracles” in the title that I ever wanna hear:


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