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I hear people talk about Slayer’s Kerry King in tones that suggest that he is, like, commonly viewed as arrogant or something. And now you can tell by my tone that King rules, and that those who disagree can shampoo my crotch anytime on weekdays between the hours of noon and six. For one thing, you never hear is how King’s kick-assosity is contagious; this year, after our Golden Gods Blarpet mini-interview, I was so pumped up that I wanted to slap Jim Florentine and french Kat Von D in one motion. (After last year’s ceremony, I almost punched a hot dog vendor and licked Chuck Billy’s arm.) King is that type of guy, and once you realize this, you can see how Slayer grew into one of history’s greatest bands: good leadership.

After the jump, King and Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo and I chat about the American Carnage tour, Exodus, and meddling producers. Though to tell the truth, I don’t really feel like sharing it in light of the paltry number of comments on yesterday’s hard-hitting Deftones coverage. I guess your mother and I just expected better of you.

World Painted Blood was almost unanimously well-received. Does that give you a shot of confidence?

Dave Lombardo: Killer album. Killer.

Kerry King: I don’t … I don’t need confidence. [smiles] That’s not an arrogant prick thing to say. I know my job. I know what to expect. Now we’re gonna go on tour. We’re gonna kill it.

I have a question. The American Carnage tour got postponed; then, your would-be tourmates Megadeth went out on that big tour commemorating Rust In Peace. For you, does that steal the thunder from the Carnage tour?

King: The only thing that I was disappointed about is that Testament did [the Megadeth tour], too. Because they’re on the [Carnage Tour]. Now, the only thing, on the upcoming tour, is you’re adding us. I think that’s cool, ’cause I’m in Slayer. But it takes away from the coolness of the tour.

Right? I knew it.

King: And Exodus too! I’d love to have Exodus. Now they can’t do Carnage, ’cause they just did that tour. We’ve got a long touring cycle coming up, so maybe we can get Exodus out with us somewhere.

The Carnage tour has no shortage of awesome drummers. Will fans benefit from the competition?

Lombardo: I guess! I don’t really think about things like that. I just go out there and kick ass. That’s it.

For the first time, I feel there’s a significant change in the Slayer drum sound. Is it accurate to say that you had a signature sound and have departed from it?

Lombardo: No. What you hear on World Painted Blood is my signature sound. It is the sound I love. Anything else was done by the producers themselves. Greg [Fidelman, producer] actually listened to what I wanted.

People love the record.

Lombardo: It’s got my stamp of appoval!

A couple musicians at this event seem a little spooked. And the media is a bit intense tonight. Are you overwhelmed?

Lombardo: No not at all. I can handle it. [laughs] I’m not gonna run in the corner and cry like “Oh, the world’s watching me.” Nah.

Next year, they might consider serving drinks out here.

Lombardo: Yes.

King: It’s that time. It has gotten a bit dry on the carpet.


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