Tour de Force



A lot of media outlets are treating this fall’s Alice in Chains/Deftones/Mastodon tour as rumor since there’s been no official announcement yet, and while I appreciate their caution, let’s be real here, folks – this tour is happening. For one thing, there’s this YouTube teaser clip, which, scrambled though it is, clearly features music by all three bands:

“But Axl,” you say, “this could just be a mash-up made by some overzealous fan.” Which is fair enough – except that SMN points out that someone from Velvet Hammer Management – who work with both Alice in Chains and Deftones – has purchased the domain, which is, obviously, a mix of the names of each of these acts’ most recent releases. (In case you’re slow: Black Gives Way to Blue, Diamond Eyes, and Crack the Skye, respectively.) Sooooooo… yeah. I’d say this mutha is goin’ down like Steven Adler when he needs a fix.

If you head over to the site in question, you’ll see that it’s counting down, presumably to an official tour announcement. As the most annoying girl I ever knew might say, more deets when we get ’em…


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