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istappMetal Blade is nothing if not a diverse record label, and with the signing of Sweden’s Istapp (which I think is actually pronounced “iss [rhymes with piss]-tap,” contrary to what this article’s Picard facepalm-inducing headline would suggest) Metal Blade are poised to further explore the realm of dark, frosty black metal. Signed in July of last year, Istapp will unleash their debut album Blekinge upon the world in June and will presumably continue to unleash a barrage of Picard facepalm-inducing press quotes as well. Samples:

“We are proud to announce that we have conquered Metal Blade Records. The war against the sun will now proceed with an even stronger force. Our upcoming album “Blekinge” will hit the earth hard. Prepare yourself for the final avalanche!”


“We are confident that the piece of deadly art about to strike down on you all will be the first really true metal-album ever to be released to this world” comments the band on its upcoming release Blekinge, a dark and unrelenting black metal beast of an album set to devour the world this summer.”

and, on C. Ashuck von Renvaktar’s cover art:

“Out of his memories Lord Ashuck himself created a picture of Blekinge and its oak, fore-saying the inevitable path this world must wander. It will certainly hurt the eyes of many a sun-worshiper who dare to look upon it.”

Fortunately Istapp have the brawn to back up their brains. Though their particular black metal timbre, production style and overall aesthetic owe a great deal to the immortal Immortal, they’re damn good at what they do. Have a gander at three songs on Istapp’s MySpace page.


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