Rampant Rumors



Mr. Ozzman has revealed the cover art to his new album, Scream, and, uh, it’s not that great. Which doesn’t really bother me, because Ozzy’s solo career has never really been marked by great cover art – maybe because he (or his handlers at least) have always insisted that he be on it? When I think about metal’s awesomest album covers, they’re generally not representations of the band/artist (although I can think of at least one exception). But I’m not that bummed out that the cover art is pretty meh, ’cause like I said, that’s pretty par for the course of Ozzy. I do think that Zach Shaw at Metal Insider makes a pretty funny point when he wonders why Ozzy “appears on the cover NOT screaming?”

Meanwhile, an official announcement regarding Ozzfest is supposed to be issued this Friday. The rumors I’ve heard are that it’s going to be a somewhat scaled back version of the tour which will last just a couple of weeks. I’ve also heard some rumors about the line-up, which were pretty anticlimactic. Hopefully my source was way off-base. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow!


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