I hadn’t eaten at a Taco Bell for a long, long time, until somehow Metal Injection‘s Rob “Tall, Dark and Handsome” Pasbani, Justina “I’m at Every NYC Metal Show” Villaneuva, and myself ended up there after the DEP show in March. And, uh, eating there more or less confirmed why I don’t do it anymore. If I wanted to put something insanely unhealthy into my system and then shit out my intestines, I’d just inject myself with ebola.

But I could be lured back to Taco Bell if there was really such a thing as the Slayer Burrito.

Unfortunately, it’s clear that this is just a case of someone being too lazy to properly space out the letters and number for a 5-Layer Burrito. Oh well. A man can dream, can’t he?


Thanks to Brian Farneth for the pic!

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