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Moby is one of those guys, like Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo, who has never made it a secret that he has a proclivity for metal. But up ’til now, he’s never really gotten involved in the game; I mean, he almost produced Chinese Democracy, but that doesn’t really count for any number of reasons, not least of which is that everyone almost produced Chinese Democracy. MetalSucks intern Dave Mustein almost produced Chinese Democracy and I think he was still in diapers when they started recording it.

But now Moby is looking to enter the metal world at least semi-for reals, teaming up with two dudes I’ve never heard of (including some fruit who calls himself Tomato) and Dave “King of Metal” Hill, who has done some hilarious work for Metal Injection, to form Diamondsnake, a new band that seeks to combine “such disparate influences as rock, hard rock, metal, and heavy metal.”

So, obviously this band has a sense of humor, and there’s obviously nothing wrong with that per se – but joke bands are always kind of a dicey proposition. For every Steel Panther it seems like there’s a million Green Jellos, where the joke gets real old real fast (if it was ever really funny to begin with). I think that bands that take the music really seriously but actually have some sense of wit (e.g., Suicidal Tendencies) tend to have a longer shelf-life than bands who have no greater goal than to make the audience laugh. Also, I don’t know if this really has anything to do with anything, but fuck The Darkness. They have to be one of the worst things to ever happen to humanity.

Then again, I have no idea what the heck Gwar have ever meant to accomplish and I have absolutely nothing negative to say about them, so I could be wrong. Plus, Diamondsnake have this image on their MySpace page

MOBY GOES METAL…and any band that endorses huffing as a means to hallucinate witches n’ shit is alright in my book.

Listen to some of Diamondsnake’s music and let us know what you think. I personally think that although the songs’ heart seems to be in the right place, they’re actually pretty bad, and given Dave Hill’s involvement, I would have hoped that the lyrics would be funnier. So that’s my two cents thus far.

No word on whether or not Diamondsnake plan to fight Limp Bizkit for use of the album title Gold Cobra.


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