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Canadian MetalSucks Maniac Matt Poulter e-mailed us in the wee hours this morning, after returning from a 3 Inches of Blood/Goatwhore show in Ottawa. He couldn’t wait ’til a decent hour, I guess, ’cause he was so excited:

“The unthinkable happened: for the first time in my life, a local opening act not only didn’t suck, but kicked a fair amount of ass themselves.”

The band in question is called Immersed, and based on the two demo tracks they have posted on their MySpace page, we’re inclined to agree with Matt: they do, indeed, kick a fair amount of ass.

The band counts Origin, Suffocation, Decapitated and Behemoth amongst their influences; that right there should give you a pretty good idea of what they sound like. Mr. Poulter describes them “as sounding like a more death-y Black Dahlia Murder with the occaisional Cephalic Carnage tinge,” which is accurate enough. In any case, they’ve got a lot of potential.

Apparently they’re recording an album with Beneath the Massacre guitarist Chris Bradley right now, so hopefully we’ll get to hear more for these dudes in the not-too-distant future. In the meantime, check ’em out and let us know what you think in the comments section below.


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