The Dreadful Demo Files



I know that many of our musician bloggers have discussed the importance of presentation for unsigned bands that want to get noticed – whether that’s the quality of the group’s demo, or the way they look, or whatever. You only get one chance to make a first impression and all that jazz, right?

So, let’s say, for example, that you’re in a band. And by “in a band,” I mean that you and a few of your buddies want to start a band, but you’re missing some key elements – like a complete line-up, for example. So you decide to put together a flyer soliciting other like-minded musicians to join your outfit, and you pass said flyers around at a show – which is good thinking, ’cause a gig with some bands you like is probably a pretty decent place to meet some other people who like the same kind of metal you do, and who harbor dreams of being professional musicians themselves some day.

Still, wouldn’t you greatly prefer that your flyer not give you the appearance of being a total tool, so that you don’t potentially alienate anyone in the crowd who might actually be talented?

Case in point: the below, which was being handed out at a show here in New York awhile back, and which our friend Stabitha Christie lost somewhere in the abyss of her purse for many weeks, until it recently turned up again. To our delight, it’s just as funny now as it was when we first saw it. Good times. Good times.

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