Hipsters Out Of Metal!



We might’ve suspected that Nevermore’s Warrel Dane had been experiencing wistful fondness for his former band, Sanctuary. The hint came back in December, when Dane devoted a healthy chunk of a solo set in Seattle to revisiting the shriek-metal quintet’s catalogue; I crinkled an eyebrow and wondered why Dane would distract from his then-recent solo record and Nevermore’s forthcoming album The Obsidian Conspiracy with talk of the under-loved, little-missed Sanctuary. Weird timing, right?

Seven months later, it’s the eve of The Obsidian Conspiracy‘s release and Dane unloads an even more distracting announcement: After 20 years, Sanctuary is back together! And recording an album!! Holy fuckballs!!!

Dane via Blabbermouth:

I’ve been talking with Lenny [Rutledge, former Sanctuary guitarist]. We are really good friends again and it feels good. I missed my relationship with him for many years. Nevermore is never going away, so don’t start any more rumors!

From a distance, Sanctuary seemed a bit comical (not haha silly — Mercyful Fate silly), but in close-up, their total lack of restraint belied a skill for singular, memorable metal. Their records also introduced metal fans to esteemed producers Dave Mustaine (great solo on “White Rabbit”) and future emo-punk hatchet man Howard Benson (Hoobastank, My Chemical Romance). But we won’t hold that against them.


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