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Earlier this week I posted a report/review from a listening party for Korn III: Remember Who You Are. And, no shock, a flame war broke out in the comments section, primarily amongst my fellow Korn haters, and Korn fans. At least two Korn fans were posting under multiple handles, attempting to appear to several different people, presumably to make it look like there was more support for Korn in our comments section – which is wholly ridiculous. Korn don’t need more support in our comments section; that’s giving our comments section (or, for that matter, my review) WAY too much credit, in terms of how it will have an effect on the success of this record.

I’m always completely baffled when people get SO UPSET over something I or any of the other writers here at MetalSucks say. Let me ask you this question – and I mean this sincerely: who gives a shit what we think? To paraphrase The Dude, these are just, like, our opinions, man. We pose no actual threat to anyone. We like to think that our support for a band can help them out, but we’re not unrealistic about the amount of sway we have over our readers. We can’t write something and make Korn disappear anymore that we can write something and make At All Cost the biggest band in the world; we just don’t have that power. I’ve always thought that if you could let the ramblings of one blogger make you feel so angry that you need to devote hours of your life to telling him what an idiot you think he is (or sending him death threats – which has happened to us), you must have serious ego problems – there must be some small part of you that thinks, “What if this band I love really DOES suck? What does that say about me?” And that’s really silly, ’cause – duh – it’s all subjective. My opinion of a band doesn’t say anything about you, even when I joke that it does; all it really says is something about, well, my opinion of the band.

So. Korn previewed a few tracks from this album on Sirius/XM’s “Octane” – namely “Pop a Pill,” “Let the Guilt Go,” and “The Past.” I’m posting a video of that preview below. Now you can all listen to the music and make up your own mind, at which point you should feel free to completely disregard my own opinion of the record. And I know that typing this is a complete waste of finger-muscle energy, but try to keep the discussion in the comments section civil for a change, okay? It’s only a metal blog, people. We’re not curing cancer here; that’s Glenn Danzig’s job.


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