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Twisted Sister’s most famous song, “We’re Not Gonna Take It,” came out in 1984; the video had one of the guys who played one of the dick heads in Animal House giving his kid shit for being a kid, and was basically a call for young people everywhere to rebel against their elders.

But if you were a teenager in 1984, you’re, like, a million years old now – which is how we’ve come to a place where a bunch of teachers from Florida have made a new video for the song, this one basically a call for young people to be less rebellious.

Of course, it’s all in good fun, young people today really are a massive pain in the ass, and apparently the students found it quite amusing. So I guess it’s not really relevant that this video completely inverts the song’s original meaning, or that organizing this entire thing, rehearsing it, and doing multiple takes – you most likely noticed that it’s all one shot with no cheats, which was probably been a real bitch to pull off – must have taken quite a bit of time and effort… time and effort which, a a parent might argue, would have been better spent by the teachers, y’know, teaching. But then, this is a form of teaching, I suppose, and I’m a pretty cranky dude. Not so cranky that I made a music video about it or anything, but cranky nonetheless.

Next month will bring a Gloria Steinem-directed video for “Girls, Girls, Girls,” which is intended to make strippers show a little more self-respect in the work place. While we wait for that cinemetallic masterpiece, enjoy this report by (by way of Blabbermouth) about the making of the Twisted Teacher video.


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