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  • Axl Rosenberg


Well, this blows.

Earlier this week, Buried Inside put up a post on their MySpace page which reads “Hand Out The Loot Bags… This party’s over.” And in case the meaning of that little message isn’t clear to you, guitarist/vocalist Andrew Tweedy has the following to say in a new interview with Exclaim:

“We’ve sort of refrained from calling it a break-up… We’re playing a few more shows, which will be our last, and then taking a break with no intention of resuming as of right now. It’s less dramatic, I suppose…. Life is catching up with us, I guess… It’s hard to just take one step back at this point. You’re kind of in or you’re out… we’ve been less and less available for shows and tours the last little while, and ultimately the timing seemed right. The idea of continuing on half-hearted is the opposite of what this band has always been about.”

So this is one of those “indefinite hiatus”-type things, but we all know what that means. I think it’s safe to wave “bye-bye” to this band.

Which sucks, ’cause they were AWESOME. And they only released four albums in thirteen years. For me, personally, the high point was 2005’s Chronoclast, an album so fucking good that 2009’s Spoils of Failure didn’t quite succeed as a follow-up. And Spoils is still really good.

If you don’t know this band, do yourself a favor and take this time to get to know them. They’ll be doing two more shows in Canada this week, and then Lambgoat says that “the group expects to play one final show in Ottawa this fall.”

Here’s on my favorite tracks from Chronoclast, “Time as Idealogy.” If you like it as much as you should, you oughta buy the album, or at least download the free mp3 from Relapse.


Thanks to Ryan Wineman for the head’s up.

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