• Axl Rosenberg

If you ever sit through the closing credits of a film (and I don’t really know why you would, but let’s pretend you worked on it and you wanna see your name at the end, or that the movie is Iron Man 2 and there’s a commercial for Thor after the credits or something), you might notice the ASPCA’s logo, and some little message in the fine print about how no animals were harmed during the making of the film. And there has to be someone from the ASPCA on-set to make sure that’s true; if the filmmakers are using any animals, they need to be supervised so the animals aren’t abused. Likewise, if you’re using guns or pyro, there is probably some kind of official on-set to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Of course, there’s no one on-set to make sure that stupid creative decisions don’t get made, but I’d like to suggest that there should be, and this person should also be required to be on-hand for music video shoots. For if such a job existed, then someone might tell any band that is considering wearing matching outfits not to, and might tell any band that tries to use choreographed moves and isn’t Judas Priest that that’s not okay, either.

Because while I don’t think anyonce can save Canada’s Blind Witness from being shitty and generic (unless they, like, hire someone cool to start writing all their songs for them), surely someone could have saved them from the embarrassment that is this video.

Blind Witness’ latest, Nightmare on Providence St., is out now on Mediaskare.


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