Killitorous Don’t Suck Sh*t

  • Axl Rosenberg

Killitorous - Party Grind

Although I consider myself fairly sexually adventurous, poop and pee porn has never done anything but gross me out. (I did once tell a girl I wanted to shit in her mouth, but I didn’t mean it in a sexy way so much as I meant I wanted her to stop talking.) Even Killitorous’ new video for the song “Fecal Fellatio” — which is about exactly what you think it’s about — makes me a little queasy, and it doesn’t even have that much crap in it. Just a few shots of our generation’s Tawny Kitaen, crawling around on all fours, looking all hot n’ bothered, smeared with a healthy-yet-not-egregious amount of feces. I mean sure the clip makes her folks super proud, but I find it a little hard to watch.

But I don’t find the song hard to listen to! It’s pretty rad. Which isn’t surprising, considering Killitorous’ pedigree — the band features current and former members of Vital Remains, Blind Witness, Immersed, and The Kindred. And, yes, Blessed by a Broken Heart. Don’t worry, at no point during this song does anyone command you to move your body.

“Fecal Fellatio” will appear on Killitorous’ Party, Grind, which features guest appearances from members of Unhuman, Archspire, Cryptopsy, Obey the Brave, Hideous Divinity, Skynet, Infant Annihilator, and, of course, Blessed by a Broken Heart. 666 special editions of the album, featuring a bonus track, will be available to purchase directly from the band at their upcoming live shows; the regular version of the album should be out later this year.


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