Kingdom of Sorrow Sucks



These are just record covers I thought were great. I like when a CD cover provokes thought and makes me want to interpret what message or messages the artist or band are trying to purvey.

#5 – Behemoth, Evangelion

Done by Polish artist Tomasz Danilowicz, who has worked on Behemoth’s previous albums. This is just bad ass.

#4 – The Allman Brothers, Hittin’ the Note

This one really makes you think. One theory is that the eighth elephant, the big one in the front, is the spirit of the fallen.

#3 – Prince, Lotus Flow3r

The lotus flower is the symbol of infinite possibility. I always wondered why he had one pyramid on the left and the city on the right.

#2 – Baroness, Red Album
John Baizley’s art is amazing. It’s the best I’ve seen in recent years. Check out his MySpace page here.

#1 – Septic Death, Crossed Out Twice (Insert Card)

Pushead’s art rules! He’s somehow made a butterfly seem dark and scary. It’s just great. I always liked how the body of the butterflies look like the eyes of the girl.


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