Here’s something completely meaningless that we can all argue over.

Back in April, Vice ran a piece in which they attempted to determine which thrash band has/had the best mascot. Only mascots that were used more than once by bands that are distinctly, inarguably thrash qualified, but beyond that, uh… the scoring seems kinda arbitrary. But whatever.

I gotta say, when I think “thrash mascot,” my mind goes right to one place:

That’s not to say that other thrash bands didn’t have excellet mascots… it’s just, y’know. Vic Rattlehead is the classic thrash mascot, isn’t he?

But Vic didn’t win the competition. (And Eddie, the original, most maleable, and still the best metal mascot of all time, didn’t even qualify, since Maiden aren’t a thrash band.) Head over to Vice to see who did, and then engage in some good ol’ fashioned debatin’ below.


Thanks to Double D for the tip.

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