Last month is was announced that Marilyn Manson and the young girl who lets him sodomize her, Evan Rachel Wood, would be co-starring in a retro slasher flick called Splatter Sisters, but other than it having some kind of road movie element, we actually weren’t told very much about the project. Now MTV has spoken to director Adam Bhala Lough, and gotten some details:

“It’s about two 18 year old beautiful drifter girls who go on a murderous rampage across California, killing scores of teenage boys. And they’re under mind control by the leader of this death metal band, this underground death metal band,” [Lough] said.

The death metal band leader in question is Lars, which is Manson’s role. He’s not just a rocker though. Lars also knows how to swing a sword! “There is a lot of samurai shit in [the movie] too because Lars is a samurai,” Lough said. “There is a lot of decapitation, a lot of arms getting chopped off, blood gushing, but in the beautiful way of a Japanese samurai film.”

I’m all for an awesome 80’s style splatter movie about a death metal samurai, but this kind of makes me wonder if Lough knows what death metal is, or if he’s one of those people who thinks that Slayer are a death metal band – or, worse, that Manson is already a death metal singer. Although Manson’s lyrics obviously deal with death quite a bit, I don’t think he could go twelve rounds with Chris Barnes or whomever in terms of that vocal style. I’m also not sure why you would hire a famous metal singer to play a different metal singer who shares a name with one of the most famous metal musicians in the world unless you actively wanted people to make that association; but, again, Lars Ulrich ain’t no death metaller. If the “Lars” character ends up being the singer for just some generic, non-death band, well, no one should be surprised.

But whatever. I’m sure I’m over-thinking this, as usual. Maybe it’ll be awesome. Lough also says that the titular sisters (who apparently won’t be blood sisters) and Manson will also do plenty of fucking, so if nothing else, the movie should have that going for it.


[via C.H.U.D.]

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